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As market leader and unique distributor nationwide, we had to reorganize the shipping and logistics departments. Due to changes, we focused on the strategic development of our company and we expanded the shipping services we used to provide, adapting them to our clients’ needs and demands, with a personalized offer for each and every one of them.tir_800x600
Currently, we own a “fleet” of no less than 100 trucks, for the transportation of the cargo. This allows us to respond to the growing demands on the domestic and international shipment market and to provide services to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Eased shipment
Regarding the shipment, our clients have a series of benefits:

  • each cargo is insured for damage, accidents and theft, in accordance with the law
  • the CMR insurance covers 100.000 euros for international shipments (this bar can be raised according to the clients’ needs)
  • each truck is equipped with GRPS communication system, functional in Romania and abroad, too
  • if requested, we offer storage and handling services in our own logistic centers in Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Brașov, Bucharest, Timișoara and Craiova
In the context of progressive development on this segment, we managed to increase the company’s fleet. So, at this point we own:
  • 15 commercial vehicles of 6.5 tons payload and 42 cubic meters volume, with the following dimensions: 6.2 m X 2.5 m X 2.75 m with tarpaulins
  • 85 trucks of 24 tons payload and 95cm volume: 13,6 m x 2,5 m x 2,8 m with tarpaulins
We adapted with the growing market always kept the pase, following all the necessary parameters. Since the company was founded, we focused on the permanent enhancement of the quality of the services provided and unparalleled prices.microbus_480x360
Tel: 0040-259-267738 – interior 116
Fax: 0040-259-467203

Whom to contact
Transport departament manager:
Sorin Boloș
Tel.: 0040-731 – 870988
Adrian Rotar
Tel.: 0040-724 – 277972