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Ceramic tiles

Leading importer of ceramic tiles, we offer thousands of variations of wall and floor tiles made in Romania or imported from Spain, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria.

Sanitary Wares

For your bathroom and kitchen we have full-option solutions, from ceramic and glass wares to a various range of bathroom sets, washbasins and toilet bowls, as well as hundreds of accessories.

Bathtubs // Shower cabins

You can choose any of the 300 products in the bathtubs, shower cabins and trays range.

Bathroom furniture

Find your style and choose every piece of furniture individually. Combine them and get what you've always wanted: a unique bathroom.

Bathroom Faucets and Accessories

Whatever your bathroom style, get great design solutions with these faucets, shelves, towel rails, toilet roll holders and more…


Hot water and heating systems. Water and gas supply systems, sewerage systems, plumbing, heating systems, radiators, copper pipes.

Building materials

Best price and in stock delivery building materials. Adhesives, polystyrene, mineral wool, plasterboards, studs, rectangular pipes.


The surroundings affects the way we feel in that moment—and that affects how we look at and create. Our palette is less about where you come from and more about what you want to achieve.

Interior doors

Interior Doors that combine synthetic or natural decor with glass and with fixed or adjustable frames, straight or rounded and are graded easy to assembly, first steps for a perfect project.


Oak remains the most popular looks for flooring. The most attractive colours and finishing make your experience pleasant both visual and tactile.

Residential Projects TIGER AMIRA

Each year we give prizes to the best promoters of our brand. Tiger Amira was present on the podium every time for the last 7 years. Good job!
Wojciech Stankiewicz- President of the Board at RoveseRovese
I would like to congratulate you for this wonderful achievement: a company with great employees... and we all know that great employees are the ones that make great companies. I wish you the best for a continuous success, Tiger Amira.
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    Because we offer free interior design for perfect harmonization of tiles with other sanitary objects. Where there are projects that need more attention, we build 3D simulations so you can take a virtual tour of the project planning (service available in Oradea, Brașov and Bucharest).


    To build is to change

    Whatever was trendy when you bought the house could change just a few years after you moved: the family is bigger, the aesthetic is changing. Tiger Amira is the supplier that can easily help you in this case. In order to make your plans become reality, we use only quality construction materials.

    Imagine your dream kitchen

    We are here to make your dreams come true. Imagine your dream kitchen, an intimate place where culinary inspiration is supported by the colors and design of your choice. The whole family will benefit from your contentment and the meals you’ll have together will complete the picture of your comfortable home. Make Tiger Amira your reliable partner!

    The family bathroom

    If the kitchen is women's territory, the bathroom must reconcile all family members’ tastes. Each one must have a corner of its own. At Tiger Amira we have learned to listen to your desires and implement a plan that will please everyone. We kindly invite you to visit us and together we will find solutions to please everyone.

    Got a daring idea? We can bring it to life!

    • Home improvement

      You can start your own interior design project.
    • Choose the right colors

      Natural tones are the trend this year. Find out more in our stores.
    • Redecorate with us

      Do you have a faucet that needs to be changed? Now it's the right time to start redecorating.

    74.000 items

    and a wide range for each product: from reinforcing bars, bricks, AAC, lime, cement, adhesives, screeds, mortar, plasters, roofing systems, gypsum and board systems, thermal and hydro insulations to tiles, laminate flooring, ceramic accessories, bathtubs, shower cabins, bathroom furniture, sanitary wares, heating systems, radiators, pipes, fittings, faucets and bathroom accessories.